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These Community Information pages have been set up, in conjunction with Marloes Community Council, to provide a source of information on the situation in the Coastlands area, in respect of the impact of Coronavirus.  It will NOT be providing general guidance which is widely available elsewhere.

We will develop these pages as the need arises; so far we have pages covering the following:

EXERCISE: Please see this really positive message from Amy, from PCC Leisure Services:

Staying active, fit and healthy has never been more important, yet with lockdowns and stay at home requirements from the Welsh Government to contend with it has never been more challenging. To help you stay healthy and motivated during these challenging times, Pembrokeshire Leisure have launched our own digital platform for taking part in group exercise classes. It allows you to work out to your favourite classes, with your favourite instructors just like you would when you attend one of our centres using our Pembs Leisure App. We will be offering a full range of activities that is intended to meet the needs of all of our customers from gentle exercise for beginners to more intensive classes for fitness fanatics.

For the next 3 months we will be offering this service for FREE to all registered Pembrokeshire Leisure users. For more information and to join a class follow the link to our website:

Amy also says: “The programme is always growing and evolving so keep an eye out for new classes! If anyone has any specific requests too then let me know and we will see what we can offer. I think exercise has played a huge role for many people in trying to stay sane during these difficult times.”


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