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As most readers probably know, winter’s storms scoured out many local beaches; therefore, Albion Sands is at the moment Albion Bedrock!  While the shore is currently very difficult to negotiate, rock-scramblers are rewarded with much better views of the Albion paddlesteamer’s remains than usual – much more than the familiar crankshaft and “spike”. Indeed, I cannot remember ever seeing so much in the way of engine remains.

I met there recently with Kate and Aran Lock and Luke and we clambered out for a low-tide look.  Unfortunately, the sea was turbid so we couldn't see under the surface, but we fairly confidently identified the exposed “bits” as one engine frame, a cylinder cover with stuffing box, one piston plus rod, and the skeleton of a large riveted enclosure – either a water tank, or possibly the boiler.  N.B. the ship’s hull was wooden.

There are some photos below, plus Owain John’s photo of the Mystery Ratchet Ring: was this from the Albion’s windlass, or is it all that remains of another vessel?

Christopher Jessop