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Lockdown library of  recordings


Logboy as I remember            Steve & Mary-Kate Morrell

Ferdinando Carulli Opus 34 No. 1          The Ruff Winkles

Our little town                      Vic Arnold

Farewell to Stromness                Mike Cottam

Hairy on the Inside            You’re Not Percy

No podemos estar solo              The Ruff Winkles

Wild Horses                   Vic Arnold

3 more American Popular Songs       Steve Morrell

My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home       The Ruff Winkles

Changing               Vic Arnold

The Giraffe in Paris             Steve Morrell

Swimming Song           Chris Jessop

Primavera by Einaudi            Anne Meeke

3 American Popular Songs         Steve Morrell

An Irish Blessing          The Peninsula Choristers

Blasts from the past


The Hills are Alive     How do you solve a problem like Maria

I am sixteen     My Favourite Things     Doh Ray Me

Goodbye      Edelweiss     Climb Every Mountain   

Herr Gerry Atricht     Happy Wanderers


You don’t have to be a member of DADS to contribute something; the idea is to keep each other inspired and amused, and to also prove that young and old, we won’t let this lockdown get to us: we are a creative lot down here, and we are determined to let our talents and creative imagination shine through.
 Please send any contributions as .mp3 files to Steve Morrell, the DADS secretary, via; we ask that everyone includes a spoken introduction to their piece, giving their name, saying what the item is called, and ideally telling us about what inspired it.  Please tell the listeners if it’s your own original material; otherwise, do credit the original author.
Macavity the Mystery Cat                Mike Cottam
AA Milne, Forgiven                     Mike Cottam

Brand new:

“Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime” - an audio version of the play by Oscar Wilde performed by DADS in 2008 and recreated during using Zoom during lockdown in 2021.